Rent-a-Car on Paros Island, Greece with Auto Dermatas.

Read our Car Rental Terms & Conditions

a. Insurance coverage: Interior car part, tyres and all extras not included in the insurance. i20
b. Clients are responsible for all traffic faults.
c. In case that the car has more gas upon drop-off than at pick-up, money cannot be given back.

1.The driver to make the rental vehicle, should have minimum 23 years of the age with the driving license and be at least one year issued before. Also, has Greek, European or International driving license.
2.The lessor hands over the vehicle in a good condition and the hirer is obliged to hand it over in the same condition. 3.The hirer is responsible for checking of the vehicle before delivering it.
4.The transport of the vehicle out of the islands of PAROS & ANTIPAROS without the written permission of the owner, is forbidden. 5.The hirer is obliged to pay the agreed amount, regarless to using or not the vehicle during the hiring as this is defined in the contract. Prolongation or renewal of the hiring, spontaneously, from the hirer, without the permission of the Bureau entail an increase of 50% of the daily hiring and for all the days of prolongation.
6.The hirer is obliged to pay any compensation of fine, during the hiring, which is against the Traffic Code.
7.The hirer must notify the Bureau without delay any accident, damage or bodily injury of the vehicle.
8.The expenses of transport of the vehicle in case of accident, damage or bodily injury, which was caused by the hirer himself aggravate the hirer.aygo
9.The hirer being responsible for an accident of damage of the vehicle, must pay to the lessor the corresponding daily amount for all days the vehicle is immobilized.
10.The third party liability covers the hirer in case of accident that wasn’t caused by him. In case of accident that was caused by him, he must pay the compensation for any damage.
11.The Full insurance covers any accident, damage or bodily injury, caused by the hirer unless there is intention. 12.The Full insurance doesn’t cover the hirer if the accident, damage or bodily injury was against the Traffic Code or an illegal action.
13.The hirer, In case of all risks insurance, must pay 500€ if the damage, accident or bodily injury is more than this amount.
14.The Full insurance doesn’t cover damages caused to the underside of the car and to the wheels and tires. In case the hirer wishes to deliver the vehicle in a place other than of the Bureau, it is possible after an agreement which is written in the contract. Driving the car by others persons than those referred in the contract is forbitten. Breaking this term is an one-sided action without the hirer any claim of the money refunded. From every hour of delay in delivering the vehicle, the hirer is aggravated by 5€. The number of the passengers must be the right one otherwise the hiring is partially broken and the hirer is aggravated by any damaged caused in the vehicle without having any claim of the money being refunded.